Beara Breifne Way

Based on the March of the O'Sullivan Beare

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  The Beara-Breifne Way cycling route is developed in Co Cork,  South Tippereary and East Galway. It  will link with   the Kingfisher Way cycling route in Leitrim  village when the route is completed.

See  www.leitrimtourism.com/Activities/Things-to-do-(1)/King-Fisher-Trail.aspx
  The Kingfisher Way is developed in Co Leitrim and Cavan.

  It is planned to develop the Beara -Breifne way cycling route in Co Limerick, Galway  and Roscommon in 1213.
  On the Beara peninsula in Co Cork the Beara- Breifne Way follows the Beara Way cycling route.
  see www.bearatourism.com

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